7 Quick Take Fridays

 — 1 —

Our Catholic Love Story, Part 2:  Last Friday, Anabelle Hazard’s blog “Written By The Finger Of God” featured our Catholic Love Story.  This week, I share with you Part 2 of our love story.  I hesitated to share the details of Part 2 for fear it would seem like I was boasting.  But, if you will please overlook the sappiness, you may see:

a.  My husband’s courage.  And, the need for men to get to the point in their lives where they are willing and able to be courageous.  

b. Your expectations for being pursued, loved and cherished are not too high

c.  In a New York minute, everything can change.

My hope, as always, is that God continues to be glorified through our story.

— 2 —

Guest Post Next Week:    I am so excited to have a real life Catholic author featured next week.  Anabelle Hazard (see #1 above) will be providing my first guest post!  She writes Catholic novels and they are FREE.  Even better, they are inspiring, romantic and clean!  Head on over to her site and download (to your computer or Kindle) the novels.  Stay tuned for her guest post next week as she shares some details of her single life along with her Catholic Love Story.  It is called “Runaway Brides” which should peak your interest! 

— 3 —

The Election:  Here is my unsolicited, respectful advice for our US Bishops:  Start catechising your flock now for 2016!  We, as a Church, obviously do not understand what intrinsic evil and non-negotiable means.  Pretend like we are completely uncatechized, because we are.  Start with Chastity education first.  Spend 2 years every Sunday helping us make the connection.  Teach our young.  Then, move onto Religious Freedom.  You cannot understand religious freedom without first understanding Chastity.

— 4 —

The Election:  This video was put out on November 4th – two days before the election – in an attempt to explain to Catholics what the HHS Mandate is and how it will affect us. It was way too late to make an impact.   In summary, the Catholic Church, our schools, hospitals and charities will now either have to:

a. Violate our beliefs and pay for abortifacients (yes, the pill is an abortifacient) and sterilization

b. Pay Huge fines ($100.00 per day per person until we capitulate) and eventually shut down due to financial ruin

c. Serve only Catholics

— 5 —

This very moving painting is by artist Tahnja Woltor from Australia.

The Election: So, over the last 8 weeks, the Bishops had our priests ‘review’ from the pulpit what the Catholic Church recommends concerning voting. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Pastor!! But, I think the Bishops need to realize that it was like teaching algebra to 2nd graders. In order to understand algebra and successfully solve algebraic equations, one must be able to, at minimum, add.

It is the same with voting according to one’s conscience. The conscience must be formed correctly and that takes a foundation in catechesis.  The Bishops should have been hammering home the message about the HHS Mandate and what it means to us.  But, instead we got nice-nice “religious freedom” talk. And we, the audience full of 2nd graders, were like “Wha?”

The outcome of this election is our own fault. Yes, we Catholics are responsible. To much is given, much is expected. Lord help us. 

 — 6 —

Chastity Education:  What is obvious to me is that we are never going to win the battle unless we change hearts one at a time. We can’t legislate morality anymore. Those days of depending on society to keep order are gone.  But, this is an opportunity.

The results of the election reinforce the need for Chastity education and I feel convicted and overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of making an impact.  As of today, The Veil of Chastity blog has reached 22 countries, including the Russian Federation, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Rwanda, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Spain and the U.S.  I pray that I will know, love, write and speak the beautiful Truth of Chastity.

— 7 —

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence:  This is the first principle from the book “The Joy of Full Surrender” by Jean-Pierre DeCaussade:  

Nothing is done, nothing happens, either in the material or in the moral world, that God has not foreseen from all eternity, and that he has not willed, or at least permitted.”

Our hope is in Jesus and we are resurrection people!  Everyone needs God and God chases everyone.  Even those that mock us and make fun of us and Him.  Our Lord even loves and chases those that will cause us to suffer over the HHS Mandate.

But, here is the problem:  I don’t want to suffer and I don’t want my family to suffer.  I don’t want our beloved priests or our Church to suffer. I know deep down this will be a blessing in the end and that God has permitted it.  Jesus was scourged, spit upon, mocked and crucified.  So must we suffer. 

Jesus, our Hope and our Love, rose from the dead and He lives.  He has not left us alone to fight this battle.

We are Easter people and alleluia is our song!”  St. Augustine of Hippo

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8 thoughts on “7 Quick Take Fridays

  1. I was frustrated by the number of people who thought that the Catholic Church’s lawsuit against the HHS mandate was trying to force Catholicism on the population. It is about people who are faithful not being forced to provide services that are contradictory to their values. I wish people realized that a mentrual cycle is not 28 days long and that is perfectly normal. There rarely is a need to “regulate” cycles because if you chart, you will learn your own body’s cycle. Sex is NOT a requirement of being an adult.

    • Hi Hannah, Yes, most folks had no idea what the HHS Mandate would do to the Church. Frustrating. Our fertility and our bodies are amazing! I checked out your blog ~ yay for breastfeeding! Most rewarding decision ever! Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see more of you here. God bless, Cindy

  2. I definitely agree with you about catechizing now for the next election- it is definitely not something that can just be discussed heavily a few months before an election. Love what you have to say about chastity!

  3. Oh Cindy, that cartoon is funny & sad. I felt betrayed by other Catholics on the elections… Even after our pastor told the congregation that it was a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate, we still had a split Church. We do have our work cut out for us in Evangelization. Thanks for the plug and your love story is amazing! BTW, I thought you brought in all those readers to my blog? It’s nice to share traffic with you!

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