7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

This is my first  (really super) Quick Takes Friday.  We love you, Jennifer and it is an honor to be part of this blog party!

— 2 —

Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary and I am married to an amazing man.  I really believe in this Superabundance thing!

— 3 —

I might be simplifying things but, to me, Chastity is the answer to virtually all problems.

— 4 —

Mormons seem to “get” this whole chastity thing.  I know very little about their beliefs but I am impressed with the young Mormon couples that I have met and their clear understanding of the beauty of family and openness to life.

— 5 —

Children are  a gift.  Children are a gift.  Children are a gift.

— 6 —

If I could have dinner with any couple, I would choose Alice and Dietrich von Hildebrand.  I know Dietrich passed many years ago but I just would give anything to just sit and listened to the two of them.  No one seems to talk as deeply, beautifully and as intelligently as they do anymore. 

— 7 —

God is Good. 

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